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Standards to be protected in efficiency drive

Updated: Aug 5,2015 2:54 PM

The State Council recently canceled another 62 professional qualification accreditation items, to bring the total to 211 that have been abolished. The move is part of the reform to streamline administration and delegate powers to lower-level governments.

Previously, people had to take exams and get a license before working in some industries. Some licenses were redundant and unnecessary and became a burden for jobseekers, especially young college graduates who were exploring the employment market.

The reform will provide more opportunities for job hunters and companies as the reduction of professional qualification accreditation items will enable more people to join certain industries, creating a more dynamic job market.

In fact, many companies don’t regard licenses as necessary but they do value an employee’s work experience and ability. A China Telecom human resource manager said that when they recruit they don’t care how many licenses the applicant has. But they do care about whether the license is relevant to the job.

The reform does not mean that requirements and standards for the remaining professional qualification accreditation items will be lowered. An official of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said that slashing some accreditation items does not equate with lesser standards being accepted for those that do require licenses.