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State Council conducting review of documents

Updated: Mar 31,2015 5:57 PM

The State Council has begun the process of reviewing documents that it and its General Office have issued since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

The process will be conducted according to five principles.

First, scrapping or revising documents that are not in line with the Constitution or other laws.

Second, scrapping the documents that fail to meet the demand of the socialist market economy or that hinder reform and opening-up.

Third, the review will focus on documents concerning administrative power, such as those concerning administrative approval, administrative punishment and administrative fees. Any document that does not have a legal grounding or that infringes upon people’s lawful interests should be scrapped or revised as soon as possible.

Fourth, the process aims to improve the government’s capacity to govern, ensuring it carries out its full duties as stipulated by law and does nothing that is not authorized by law.

Fifth, the government will carry out a full assessment of the documents that it plans to scrap, and issue new ones to make sure there is no vacuum in policy.

The review, which is underway, is scheduled to be completed in three years. The State Council has formed a designated team to oversee the task, and will announce when a certain batch of documents have been reviewed.