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Style and occasion for fire rescue badge defined

Updated: Nov 8,2018 1:47 PM

Premier Li Keqiang signed a decree that defines how and when the Fire Rescue Badge of the People’s Republic of China should be worn.

The decree released on Nov 8 said that the badge for directors, deputy directors, and assistant directors has a golden olive branch surrounding a golden pattern, which consists of a pentagram, eagle wings, a fire axe and a fire hose, and that the one for commanders has golden bars and golden hexagonal flowers.

The badge for senior, intermediate, and some junior firemen has golden bars and a golden pattern, which consists of cross axes, firefighting lance, clenched fists and eagle wings, and the badge for preparatory firefighters has golden bars, the decree added.

It also stipulates that epaulettes are for casual uniform, and collar badge is for training uniform, and the badge should be changed when a promotion or demotion is received.

The decree urged that badges for firefighters is produced and managed by the emergency management department of the State Council, and it is not allowed to produce, copy, forge, sell, or use its style or anything similar.