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Inter-ministerial joint conference system on left-behind children established

Updated: Aug 21,2018 5:00 PM

The State Council recently issued a written reply to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in which permission was given to establish an inter-ministerial joint conference system on caring for left-behind children and securing the well-being of children in need.

Under the leadership of the State Council, the system will coordinate and conduct overall plans to help children who are either left behind or living with difficulties. That includes formulating related policies and measures, presenting motions to the State Council, organizing and steering daily routine work, and promoting ministerial cooperation.

The conference system consists of wide-ranging ministries and commissions, highlighting the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the political and judiciary commission under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, and the National Development and Reform Commission.

Huang Shuxian, the minister of civil affairs, will serve as the convener, with 26 members from other ministries and commissions.

A plenary session will be held once a year, presided over by the convener or anyone entrusted by the convener. A provisional session may be organized if instructed by the State Council or called for by administrative work.

There should be a liaison’s session prior to the plenary session, which should take on the discussions on motions and related matters to be presented to the plenary session. And the latter should have minutes to specify items for discussion. Significant matters should be presented to the State Council.

All member units should take on their fair share in accordance with their respective duties, hinging on organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. And the office of the joint conference system should follow up with the implementation of agreed items and report their progress to all related members.