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State Council to launch inspection on local governments

Updated: Jul 6,2018 5:05 PM

The State Council will launch an inspection program for its departments and local governments, according to a notice issued on July 6.

The goal of the inspection is to make sure that government policies are implemented and the major tasks of social and economic development this year will be completed.

The inspection will cover six fields, including the battle of preventing major risks, reducing poverty and fighting pollution, and the revitalization of rural areas; the implementation of innovation-driven development, promoting new industries and upgrading traditional industries; and the reform to streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services.

State Council departments and local governments’ performance in expanding domestic demand, promoting high-quality opening-up and improving people’s livelihood will also be inspected.

They are asked to conduct self-inspections from the day the notice is issued and submit reports to the State Council of any problems they discover and measures they take.

The State Council will send inspection groups to provincial-level governments starting in late August, and to State Council departments and related organizations in mid-September.

Officials who fail to implement the central government’s decisions, major construction projects and administrative reform will be held accountable.