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More efforts to protect Olympic symbols

Updated: Jun 30,2018 8:09 PM

The State Council released a circular on June 30 with updated regulations on the protection of Olympic symbols to further protect the legal rights and interests of the proper owners of the Olympic symbols and promote the Olympic movement.

In the regulations, the proper owners of the Olympic symbols refer to four particular institutions, including the International Olympic Committee, the Chinese Olympic Committee, and the Chinese institutes that applied to organize the Games.

The proper owners will be entitled to the symbols for 10 years and should update their ownership for each 10-year period.

Without the proper owners’ authorization, the Olympic symbols are banned from being abused for business purposes such as any type of promotion on commodities, trade documents or service items; commercial activities; or illegal trade, production and sale of the Olympic symbols.

According to the circular, the administration bureau for market regulation and departments for intellectual property protection under the State Council shall be responsible for the protection of the Olympic symbols.

Any infringement that leads to illegal earnings of over 50,000 yuan ($7,550) will result in a maximum fine five times worth the illegal proceeds. For earnings under 50,000 yuan, the infringement will result in a maximum fine of 250,000 yuan.

The regulations will come into effect from July 31, 2018.