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Govt to promote information openness in public resource allocation

Updated: Dec 28,2017 5:05 PM

The State Council has issued a circular on further promoting information disclosure about public resource allocation.

The entire process of public resource allocation, from decision-making, execution to management and results, should be open to enterprises and the public to fulfill their legal rights, the circular stated.

Public resource allocation mainly involves affordable housing construction and allocation, transfer of rights to use and mine State-owned land, government procurement, as well as transactions involving State-owned properties, which are directly related to social-economic development and improving people’s lives.

Local authorities and departments should clearly define their catalog of allocation items that meet the requirements of openness, the circular stated.

Public resource allocation related to affordable housing construction and transfer of rights to use and mine State-owned land should be listed in key areas of disclosure.

According to the circular, each department should be responsible for opening allocation procedures and results of issues it dealt with. For instance, the department in charge of administrative approval should disclose the approval results.

Official government websites should duly publish information involved in public resource allocation. Other channels, such as Weibo, WeChat, news media and mobile apps, should also be efficiently used.

The circular emphasized that except for State and businesses’ secret information, those produced in the process of public resource allocation should be open to the public according to law.

The circular also urged all levels of departments to conduct inspections on the information disclosure work.