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China to reduce quality risks in import and export commodities

Updated: Sep 27,2017 7:32 PM

The State Council recently released a circular on improving China’s pre-warning and quick response system of quality risks in import and export commodities, to protect consumers’ rights.

According to the circular, China will formulate a national plan to monitor quality risks in import and export commodities, covering ports to markets.

Channels for individuals and enterprises to report quality risks will be expanded through mobile internet technology. Also, information collection of counterfeit goods will be strengthened in e-commerce, border trade and countries and emerging markets along the “Belt and Road”.

China’s “single window” service system for international trade will have a role to play in collecting and sharing data on import and export commodities. Efforts should also be made to keep an eye on safety risks in the design and production of goods.

An assessment center and a national experts committee on quality risks will be set up, the circular stated.

More work should be done to enhance basic research capacity in risk assessment, and improve technical support in major quality accidents.

According to the circular, a graded early warning system will be established with four levels based on harmfulness, emergency and influences of risks.

China will also improve quick responses with approaches including credit downgrades, tracing, product recalls, import and export restrictions, sealing up and detention, cargo withdrawals, suspension of sales, and product destruction.

In addition, enterprises are urged to put in place their responsibility in quality safety and risk elimination. Their performances in this regard will be included in the national credit system, the circular said.