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China passes regulation on implementing national statistics law

Updated: Jun 19,2017 5:38 PM

The State Council has published the regulation on implementing the Statistics Law of China, after it was passed at the State Council executive meeting on April 12.

The regulation was formulated based on the Statistics Law.

It describes the conditions for conducting various statistics investigations, and urges research on statistical rules, perfection of statistics in emerging industries, and application of new information technology.

In addition, local governments should not violate statistical entities’ rights. Falsification and tampering with statistical data are prohibited.

The regulation also states implementation details, including statistical investigation projects, statistical investigation, statistics management, statistical organs and personnel, supervision and responsibility.

According to the regulation, statistical investigation projects by government departments and local authorities should not overlap with State projects.

Government bodies that work on the projects should demonstrate they are necessary, feasible and scientific, and after approval, details of the projects should be made public.

Also, major projects should be carried out as pilot projects first.

Statistics materials should be submitted with signatures, as well as official seals if they are reported by state organs or public institutions.

Statistics materials should be kept safe. Source data should be kept for no less than two years and summarized data for no less than 10 years.

The regulation also urges establishing a statistics information sharing system, especially among authorities at county-level or above.

Statistics organs at county-level or above should be largely led by their superior statistics organs, and statisticians should be equipped with knowledge of related laws and statistics business.

Statistics organs at county-level or above are banned from conducting for-profit investigations.

Also, overseas statistics entities that request statistical research should entrust domestic foreign-related investigation organs.