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State Council inspections hold people accountable

Updated: Jun 15,2017 5:12 PM

The General Office of the State Council issued a circular on the results of verification and accountability regarding major issues that were revealed during the special inspections conducted by the State Council last year.

More than 110 issues were looked into after last year’s inspections, including stalled progress in projects that received investments from the central budget, idle financial funds, arbitrary charges imposed on enterprises and lack medical insurance funds in place, with 1,089 people being held accountable.

After uncovering these issues, 16 typical cases were publicized as negative examples. They include the Beijing Construction Quality Management Society charging enterprises arbitrary fees, centrally invested projects being severely postponed in Tangshan city of Hebei province, and the Bureau of Finance in Kaiyuan city, Liaoning province, misappropriating funds for affordable housing projects.

The cases indicated that while implementing government policies, some local departments and institutions had overlooked rules, and a few Party managers failed to fulfill their duties, seriously harming the interests of the people and damaging the credibility of the Party and the government, according to the circular.

Supervision and inspection mechanisms should be established, clearly laying out work responsibilities of individuals, reinforcing efforts in supervision and accountability, strictly rectifying ineffective governance, while rewarding diligent governance in a bid to motivate creativity in promoting economic and social development.