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Construction project approval reform for Zhangjiakou Olympics venues

Updated: May 12,2017 4:17 PM

The State Council has passed the Hebei provincial government’s plan to conduct pilot approval reform in construction projects for Zhangjiakou venues of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The pilot approval reform is to take place at Zhangjiakou venues and related infrastructure construction projects within the duration of three years, starting from the date of approval.

The Hebei government is asked to convene meetings deliberating on the plans and arrangements for project construction.

The plan requires optimizing approval procedures, allocating initial funds to projects that meet certain requirements, and prompting related departments to accelerate the preliminary review of land use for construction projects.

In addition, procedures for initiating a construction project, planning and licensing, construction bidding, and construction approval will be streamlined.

Approval and agent service items should also be simplified and regulated. Construction plans for civil air defense can be given to related department for record keeping, and the boundary, content, and procedures of agent services in the investment sector will be optimized and regulated.

Approval items that are to be examined and approved by the city and district government departments should be transferred to these departments for deliberation.