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State Council releases guideline against IPR infringement, counterfeits

Updated: Mar 22,2017 5:00 PM

The State Council issued a circular to strengthen the fight against counterfeits and infringement of intellectual property rights (IPR), in an effort to improve the rule of law, and build an international business environment.

According to the circular, by 2020, IPR infringement and counterfeits should be effectively curbed, with more progress in market supervision and legislation.

Intensive efforts should be made to organize regular inspections on products concerning people’s life, property, and environmental protection, as well as areas susceptible to IPR violation.

The circular states that related departments should coordinate law enforcement, and promote information sharing, supporting each other in inspections, tests, and certifications.

Cross-region coordination in law enforcement should be enhanced to target production and sales chains of counterfeits in different regions, said the circular.

In addition, the circular also called for efforts to improve working procedures between administrative and judicial authorities in case consultation, supervision, and evidence fixing and transfer.

According to the circular, new technologies, including big data, cloud computing, internet of things, and mobile internet, should be applied in law enforcement to improve identification and collection of clues to illegal behaviors.

More efforts should also be in place to accelerate construction of a unified national system on social credit codes, and establish an archive and black list of enterprises engaged in illegal activities.

The circular also urged better rule of law and co-governance involving social organizations, enterprises, and new media.

Meanwhile, more efforts should be made to increase international cooperation, and strengthen dialogue between IPR working groups of China and the United States, Europe, and Japan.