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State Council approves development plan for Kiamusze

Updated: Jan 23,2017 2:39 PM

On Jan 23, the State Council approved an overall plan for Kiamusze, a major city in the northeast part of Heilongjiang province.

The plan was submitted by the Heilongjiang provincial government in a bid to build Kiamusze into a city with economic prosperity, eco-friendly environment, and improved facilities.

Designating a region of about 2,004 square kilometers, the plan stresses coordinated development between rural and urban areas by improving basic infrastructure and public service facilities.

The scale of the city will be controlled to a reasonable status, as, according to the plan, the urban population of the city will be within 1.1 million, and urban construction land will be within 97 square kilometers.

Based on the green and low-carbon development idea, efforts will be made to further improve urban basic infrastructure, including traffic systems, parking lots, water supply, garbage disposal, and underground pipelines and tunnels.

One of the goals is to build Kiamusze into a resource-conserving and environment-friendly city by reducing pollution and waste discharge and enhancing protection of natural conservation areas.

The city’s education, medical service and municipal facilities will be improved to create a livable environment for citizens.