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China to enhance government credibility

Updated: Dec 30,2016 4:21 PM

A government misconduct record will be set up and stricter punishment for dishonest officials will be enforced, according to a guideline to enhance government credibility issued by the State Council on Dec 30.

Authorities and officials who are accused of breaking contract will be listed in the record, which will be open to the public, said the guideline.

The authorities in the record must explain their misconduct, correct their mistakes within a given time and will lose credits in performance evaluations. The officials held accountable will be punished according to laws.

In addition, the government will improve integrity education for public servants, and set up a credibility repair mechanism — if officials can correct their mistakes before harm to public interest occurs, lighter or no punishment will be given.

Supervision on local authorities’ credibility will be tightened from diverse sectors, including upper authority, same-level people’s congress, press and credit rating agencies.

Credibility in key fields of government affairs are highlighted, including government procurement and bids, the cooperation between government and private capital, attracting foreign investment and local government debt.