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State Council promotes development of Zaozhuang in Shandong province

Updated: Oct 21,2016 2:27 PM

The State Council General Office has issued a notice on the approval of a general plan for Zaozhuang, Shandong province.

The general plan’s range is 3,069 square kilometers, which would fall under one administration.

Key towns and counties with good basic conditions and potential are development priorities. Agricultural industrialization and modernization of rural areas should be promoted. Integrated development of the central area, Taierzhuang district, and Shanting district will also be promoted. Coordination and cooperation with neighbor cities such as Jining, Linyi, and Xuzhou should be further enhanced to build connections.

By 2020, permanent residents in the central area should be 1.2 million or less, while urban construction land should stay within 138 square kilometers.

Infrastructure should be built based on the principle of green, recyclable and low-carbon. According to the plan, the city should be built as an energy-saving and environmental friendly one. The elimination of old production capacity should be accelerated; discharge of pollutants strictly controlled.

The protection of special ecological areas such as scenic spots, natural reserves, wetland, intertidal zones and water resources should be strengthened. Related protection measures should be made and strictly enforced.

Implementation of the general plan should be based on concepts of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing. The sustainable development strategy of economy, society, population, environment and resources should be coordinated.

Zaozhuang is an important base of Shandong province in modern coal chemistry, energy, building materials and machine manufacturing. It is also a science and technology innovation base.