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Govt approves plan to develop Pingtan as tourist island

Updated: Aug 23,2016 11:00 AM

The State Council approved a plan to build Fujian’s island county of Pingtan, the mainland’s closest spot to Taiwan, into a new model of international tourism, developing the local tourism economy and promoting cross-Straits exchanges, according to a circular issued on Aug 23.

The State Council urged Fujian’s provincial authority and the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) to explore new development model of island tourism in Pingtan, building a specialty industry system bolstered by tourism.

The tourist island should serve as a push for more cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation. Integrated into the One Belt and One Road initiative, the island is expected to develop a new type of opening-up.

The State Council urged ecological civilization construction of the island county, calling for related parties to build Pingtan into a well-off, harmonious and special international island, and a place attractive to people across the Straits.

Fujian provincial government should put the plan in place, and the NDRC should conduct supervision and evaluations, according to the circular.