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Key border development area approved in Guangxi

Updated: Aug 12,2016 2:21 PM

A new experimental area for development and opening up in the city of Pingxiang, southwest China’s Guangxi province, was approved by the State Council on Aug 12.

Sitting on the border with Vietnam, Pingxiang city has served as a bridgehead for China’s opening-up and cooperation with Vietnam and other ASEAN countries. Construction of the experimental area in the city is thus seen as an important move to promote the Belt and Road initiative, accelerate the development of border areas, and improve the new pattern of China’s all-around opening-up.

The experimental area is urged to boost connectivity in infrastructure, promote the transformation and upgrading of trade and investment, develop advantageous industries, and accelerate the construction of new-type urbanization.

These efforts are called for in constructing the area into an essential platform for developing a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Vietnam, a frontier zone for upgrading the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA), and a growth point for economic development of the border area in the southwest regions, propelling Guangxi province into a corridor to effectively connect with ASEAN countries and countries along the Belt and Road.

The government of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region should effectively promote the construction and development of the experimental area, with planning and construction in accordance with the overall planning concerning land use, urban layout, environmental protection and water resources.

Related departments of the State Council are asked to perform their functions in reinforcing support for the construction of the area, as well as provide positive support in terms of policy-making, capital investment and project arrangement.