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State Council approves plan for Jinan city

Updated: Aug 2,2016 3:06 PM

The State Council gave the green light to Shandong provincial government’s request to approve an overall plan (2011-2020) for its capital city of Jinan, according to a circular issued on Aug 2.

It decided to implement a unified urban-rural plan and management within the city planning zone, which covers 3,257 square kilometers.

By 2020, the permanent population in the central area of the city will be capped at 4.3 million, and urban land for construction within 410 square kilometers.

The plan vows to boost green, low-carbon development by constructing urban infrastructure facilities and improving transportation infrastructure of road, railway, and airport.

It also pledged to optimize the city’s overall layout to promote the coordinated development of economic, urban-rural and environmental construction.

In addition, related department are urged to work on energy-saving and emission-reduction, and promote the construction of “sponge city” program, which seeks to help cities better absorb rain in an effort to strengthen the comprehensive management of urban environment.

It called for efforts to improve such public service facilities as education and medical treatment which are most concerned by people.

The plan also emphasizes the retaining of the Jinan city’s traditional feature, style and culture, with a focus on the protection of several famous spring including the Baotu Spring, Heihu Spring and Wulong spring.