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China issues emergency plan for natural disasters

Updated: Mar 24,2016 3:33 PM

The State Council on March 24 issued an emergency response plan for dealing with natural disasters, in order to regulate and improve the relief work and reduce losses.

It said that according to the severity and scope, natural disasters can be classified into four categories.

The National Committee for Disaster Reduction will take charge of the general emergency response and relief work, and a panel of experts on natural disasters under the committee should be set up to make suggestions on the work.

To better regulate the work, related departments such as meteorology, water conservancy, land resources, ocean, forestry and agriculture should report to the committee in a timely manner if they forecast a disaster.

Government civil affairs departments at or above county level should collect, analyze, and report the relief information on natural disasters to the committee and share information with others.

Information on natural disasters should be publicized in a timely manner, correctly and transparently, said the emergency plan.

The government will provide relief funds, goods, equipment and facilities, as well as support in telecommunication, human resources and technology for the relief work on natural disasters, according to the plan.