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Guidelines to provide more support for the poor

Updated: Feb 17,2016 3:34 PM

The State Council issued a guideline on Feb 17 to provide more support and care for destitute people to ensure their basic needs are met.

Senior citizens, physically challenged people who cannot support themselves, and minors under the age of 16 but without supervisors or with supervisors who cannot support them, can accept the relief and support from the government.

It said that government should provide basic support for those groups, including daily necessities such as grain and oil, clothing and bedding. For those who cannot take care of themselves, the government should provide basic care services.

In addition, the government will also provide medical support when they are in the hospital, and when they pass away, funeral arrangements will also be provided.

All eligible people can apply for the relief support, and governments at the county level should make a decision within 20 days, the guideline said.

Local governments should pay great attention to the relief issues, and Public-Private-Partnerships, government-purchased services, charity donations, voluntary services and other measures are also encouraged to attract the social sector to take part in the efforts to support the impoverished population.