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China to simplify compulsory standards

Updated: Feb 15,2016 4:57 PM

The State Council on Feb 15 rolled out a plan to integrate and simplify the current compulsory standards in all sectors at different levels around China.

To revise the compulsory standards is the core of a standardized reform, as well as the top priority in building a new type of compulsory state-criteria system, said the plan.

According to the plan, the current state, industry and local compulsory standards will be assessed and revised as needed. The final version will be completed by the end of 2016.

By then, the standards that are obsolete will be abolished, and those that are not suitable for compulsory implementation will be altered. For standards that should be kept, a proposal concerning how to integrate and revise them will be made.

Major issues during the survey and study process should be reported to a joint conference and its office. An expert advisory team will be set up to provide technical guidance.

Related departments of the State Council will take charge of the work in their own departments. Governments at provincial levels will be responsible for their own administrative areas.