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New district approved to be set up in Changchun

Updated: Feb 15,2016 11:53 AM

On Feb 15, the State Council approved Jilin provincial government’s application to establish a new district in Changchun city, capital of Jilin province.

Development of Changchun new district is significant in accelerating the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, and deepening regional cooperation in the Tumen River area, it said.

The planning area of the new district in Changchun city covers 499 square kilometers, including partial sections of the city’s Chaoyang district, Kuancheng district, Erdao district, and Jiutai district.

Based on the theory of achieving innovative, coordinated, green, open and inclusive development, the move aims to build Changchun new district into a demonstration area of innovative economic development, a major engine to revitalize Northeast China, an important platform of regional cooperation in the Tumen River area, and a pioneer of system and mechanism reforms, according to the State Council.

The State Council requires Jilin provincial government to explore a new pattern of district management that coordinates with the current system and carefully draw up the master plan of new district development that is in line with regulations regarding land utilization, urban master planning, environment protection, and water resource planning.

Departments under the State Council are also required to direct and support the construction and development of Changchun new district in planning, policy implementation, project arrangement, and system and mechanism innovation.