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State Council approves development plan for Zibo city

Updated: Jan 26,2016 11:56 AM

The State Council issued a reply to the provincial government of Shandong province on the overall urban plan of Zibo city, on Jan 26, stressing coordinated urban and rural development, city scale control, urban infrastructure construction, sponge city building, habitable living environment, and history and culture preservation.

Zibo city, which has a long history and splendid culture, is now a modernized and industrialized city located in central Shandong province.

The overall city plan stipulates an area of 2,989 square kilometers where urban and rural development can be coordinated, according to the plan.

To keep the city size within a reasonable range, the population of central urban area of Zibo city will be controlled within 3.06 million, and land use for urban construction will be controlled under 320.78 square kilometers through 2020.

The construction of urban infrastructure should be based on concepts of green development, resource recycling, and low carbon, the State Council said in the reply.

The plan also includes developing Zibo into a resource-effective and environment-friendly city by supporting development of green building and constructing a sponge city.

In the meantime, strict preservation measures will be implemented to protect ecological areas, such as wetland and headwater areas.

According to the plan, historical and cultural sites, including Zhoucun street, Boshan traditional folk houses, mausoleum of Qi kings, and Tonglin relics, will be the focus of historical and cultural preservation.