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State Council to help improve China’s academic environment

Updated: Jan 13,2016 11:26 AM

On Jan 13, the State Council issued a circular regarding efforts to further improve the country’s academic environment and promote an innovation-driven development strategy.

The goal is to make a breakthrough by 2020 in key areas of the scientific and technological system that is significant to academic innovation, the State Council said.

Developments in academic environment will be made in scientific research, talent cultivation, academic management, and academic appraisal.

To do this, the government’s function will be transformed from scientific management to innovation service with respect for scientific and technological workers who will be in dominant positions in academic development, according to the circular.

Under the new policy, instead of being hindered by all kinds of unnecessary reviews and appraisals, scientific and technological workers will be able to have much more time and energy to devote to scientific research.

Organizational structure and management system of scientific and technological institutions will be reformed to reduce bureaucracy and improve openness, coordination, efficiency and innovation.

The new policy will also grant more decision-making rights to colleges and scientific and technological institutions on scientific research projects, personnel and finance management, scientific research direction, and international exchanges.

For major national labs and scientific research bases, the government will give continuing support so that frontline scientific research can continue without interruption.

In addition, reform test runs will be made in the personnel system of major national labs and scientific research bases to establish an internationally competitive talent management system and attract top-level intellectuals.

Strict academic credit system and records will be established and more efforts will be made to punish academic misconduct. People involved in academic misconduct will be limited in project application, promotion, and rewards, according to the circular.