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China calls for establishment of quality tracing systems for important products

Updated: Jan 12,2016 4:27 PM

The General Office of the State Council asked ministries and local authorities to set up quality tracing systems for a number of products.

These include agricultural produce, food, medicine, rare earth products, fertilizer, pesticides, elevators, escalators and fireworks, according to a guideline issued by the general office on Jan 12.

The authorities should set standards for tracing systems for different products, and these systems should function in an efficient and easy-to-use way, the general office said.

Authorities should also encourage certifying agencies, when assessing companies, to take into account how the companies are doing in quality tracing. Relevant authorities are encouraged to accept assessment reports on tracing systems by third-party certifying agencies and spur companies to improve their tracing.

The authorities should also work to allow tracing systems to share data, and to use cloud and big data technology to improve the systems, which will not only keep track of the products but also issue warnings to prevent potential emergencies.

Such systems should also be set up in wholesale produce and food markets.

Product quality files and a blacklist for products and companies who failed to reach quality standards should also be established, to better guide consumers.

Private companies are encouraged to invest in the construction of quality tracing systems, to develop it as an emerging industry.