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China lays out plans to build law-based govt by 2020

Updated: Dec 28,2015 3:11 PM

China is set to build a law-based government by 2020, which will strictly enforce laws and stay clean and impartial, said a guideline issued by the central government.

According to the guideline, the law-based government will fully perform its duties in accordance with laws, make administrative decisions in a scientific, democratic and legitimate way and enforce laws impartially, with a well-established law-based administration system.

The government will operate administrative power in a transparent way, safeguard citizens’ rights and interests and have improved law-based administration capabilities.

The guideline said the effect of rule of law would be one of the indicators of officials’ performance.

To fully perform its duties according to laws, the guideline said, the government should further streamline administration and publish lists to clarify powers and duties.

The guideline called on provincial governments to publish power lists by the end of the year, and city- and county-level governments by 2016.

It also urged improving macro regulation and strengthening market supervision and environmental protection.

To improve the law-based administration system, the guideline said government legislation mechanism should begin using third-party assessment for controversial matters and encouraging public participation.

It also suggests establishing a long-term mechanism to clear up amended or abolished administrative regulations and documents.

To promote scientific decision-making, the guideline urged establishing legal adviser teams made up of experts, lawyers and government officials to review major government decisions.

To strictly and impartially enforce laws, the focus of law enforcement should be shifted to city- and county-level governments, in areas concerning ordinary people’s interests, such as food and drug safety, public health and environment, said the guideline.

It added that a unified information platform for administrative law enforcement should be established by 2016.

The guideline also urged utilizing supervision of administrative power by new media, resolving social conflicts and disputes in accordance with laws, and strengthening education of government employees on the rule of law.