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China issues emergency plan for massive blackouts

Updated: Nov 26,2015 3:48 PM

The State Council on Nov 26 issued an emergency response plan for widespread blackouts, in order to increase the response efficiency, reduce losses and secure social stability.

Widespread blackouts refer to those caused by natural disasters, power safety accidents and external damage, and bring threats to national security, social stability and people’s livelihoods, according to the plan.

It said the widespread blackouts can be classified into four degrees according to severity and scope.

The National Energy Administration will take charge of the general emergency response work, and if necessary, the State Council will organize a leading group to organize and guide the work.

County and upper-level governments will be responsible for the response work of local blackouts, and they should also build an emergency response system.

If a cross-regional blackout occurs, governments of the regions involved will set up a cross-regional cooperation mechanism to deal with the emergency.

Electric power enterprises, including power generation and power grid corporations, must report to the local authorities if they detect a widespread blackout possibility, inform major power users who may be affected and set up a command organization to carry out the response measures under the lead of local authorities.

The leading group at all levels should organize a panel of experts, including experts in related fields such as electric power, meteorology, geology and hydrology, to advise the emergency response work.

The authorities must notify the public about the blackouts and emergency response measures, and remind them of precautions and related security measures.