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State Council to boost grassroots culture centers

Updated: Oct 20,2015 10:38 AM

A surge in cultural facilities and activities is expected across the country following a State Council document on Oct 20 that encouraged increasing comprehensive cultural service centers at the grassroots level.

The policy is aimed at tackling the dire lack and uneven distribution of public cultural facilities, especially in rural areas of west China, and providing quality cultural products in various forms to citizens.

According to the document, the government plans to establish comprehensive cultural service centers nationwide that include the functions of cultural publicity, law popularization and physical exercise by 2020, with a focus on remote and poor areas in central and west China.

The government will also boost cultural and sporting events at the grassroots level, and explore new management methods to improve the centers’ service efficiency.

Additionally, the State Council will enhance funding support for the project, urging local governments to include funds for the construction of the centers into their annual budgets.