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Huizhou named National Famous Historical and Cultural City

Updated: Oct 18,2015 11:18 AM

Huizhou city, located in South China’s Guangdong province, officially became a “National Famous Historical and Cultural City”, according to a statement released by the State Council on Oct 18.

“The city has a long history of rich heritage with a diversified culture and profound cultural details,” said the State Council.

The statement adds that the traditional style in Huizhou city has been well preserved, and the city is also of great cultural and historical significance. And that the planning and construction should focus on the protection of the urban environment as well as the renovation of historical buildings.

Authorities in Guangdong province and Huizhou are to combine urban construction and the protection of historical and cultural relics according to relevant laws, and to also clearly state their conservation goals.

The State Council asked officials to formulate specific plans as part of overall urban planning, delineating protected areas and outlining protection measures. And it said the authorities should not permit any construction projects that are incompatible with the city’s environment and landscape.