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State Council approves national mapping plans

Updated: Jun 6,2015 3:52 PM

The State Council approved medium and long-term plans for national basic surveying and mapping from 2015 to 2030, submitted by the Ministry of Land and Resources.

The implementation of the plans should aim to establish a new system of basic surveying and mapping and improve surveying, mapping and geographic information services, as required by the State Council.

The plans call for a digital geo-spatial framework with integrated structure and full function to be established by 2020. By 2030, a new system of basic surveying and mapping should be built to provide multilayered surveying and mapping services to help social and economic development.

The State Council required local governments at all levels to push forward basic surveying and mapping progress based on the plan. All departments under the State Council are to provide support to facilitate the mission. The administrative department in charge of surveying and mapping should take the lead in coordination and implementation, and figure out solutions to problems during the process. Important progress should be reported to the State Council.