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China to develop old revolutionary base area of Dabieshan Mountains

Updated: Jun 5,2015 4:35 PM

China approved a program, submitted by the National Development and Reform Commission, on the development of the old revolutionary base area of Dabieshan Mountains, according to a circular released by the State Council on June 5.

Dabieshan Mountains cover border areas of the three provinces of Anhui, Henan and Hubei.

The program should focus on poverty alleviation, reform and opening up, accelerating the upgrade of industrial structure, improving infrastructure construction, promoting the integration of rural and urban areas, and ensuring equitable access to public services, the circular said.

The State Council requested that all relevant departments should make great efforts to transform the Dabieshan revolutionary base into a sort of demonstration region of scientific progress in underdeveloped areas, and a national base that produces and processes food and unique agricultural products.

It also requested that the program should turn the region into an ecological barrier in the Yangtze and Huaihe rivers, and an important travel destination - thus improving people’s living conditions in the region.

The local governments of Anhui, Henan and Hubei provinces are responsible for drawing up detailed plans to implement the program and ensure that all targets are met.

Relevant departments of the State Council will supervise and coordinate work concerning the program’s implementation and provide necessary assistance.