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Guidelines will improve environment, official says

Updated: May 6,2015 6:26 PM

The Guidelines of Pushing the Construction of Eco-Civilization, a document the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued recently, are a timetable and roadmap to implement decisions made by the CPC to protect and improve the environment, said Xu Shaoshi, director of the National Development and Reform Commission in an interview with Xinhua News Agency.

China’s development has reached the upper limit of the environment’s capacity, and the development of eco-civilization lags behind the development of the country’s socioeconomic development, said Xu, explaining why the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the document.

The document stresses that the country must develop in a sustainable way and ensure a clean environment, and that everyone, from the government, enterprises to individuals, should meet their responsibilities to protect the environment, said Xu.

Among other requirements, the document stipulates that economic development and resource exploration must not excel the capacity of the environment, and that the country should set up a system as soon as possible where those who damage the environment compensate for the loss, those who benefit from environmental protection pay for it and those who protect the environment are reasonably rewarded.

Also, cases of officials who cause serious damage to the environment as a result of irrational pursuit of economic development should be recorded, and the officials should be held accountable and should not be promoted, the document said.

Four key words in the document:

1 Green

The document emphasizes the importance of green development, such as developing environmental-protection industries and new-energy technology and products.

2 System

The country should set up or improve a series of systems, including one to confirm the property rights to natural resources and make sure the resources are used for purposes that have been approved by the government.

3 Notion

The document makes clear that the government should promote the notion of green and efficient development as well as civilized and healthy ways of living.

4 Pathways

Specific principles and tasks were set for the country to observe and accomplish in order to make its development significantly more energy-saving and environmental-friendly by 2020.

For example, the document says that the country should base its economy on green, recycling and low-carbon development.