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New steps to enhance security

Updated: Apr 14,2015 8:37 AM

China will step up the establishment of a security network, including intensified counter-terror operations on public transport and a shared information database linked to identity numbers.

According to a circular published on April 13, jointly issued by the general offices of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the State Council, the authorities will reinforce police patrols, especially during morning and evening rush hours and in crowded places.

Security measures for public transport, including bus, subway and railway stations, airports, ports and along high-speed rail lines, will be intensified to prevent violence, terror attacks or extreme events, the document said.

Precautions will also be enhanced at some key venues including kindergartens, schools, financial institutions, commercial sites and hospitals, it said.

It also called on police to step up criminal investigations to effectively solve deadly crimes or cases that may lead to “extreme situations’’.

To promote security, the government will beef up administration in certain key sectors and real-name registration will be required for hotels, the second-hand goods trade, motor refitting and recreational services, among others.

The list of banned items for delivery will also be further extended to prevent crimes being committed through logistical services.

A security network that covers urban areas and grassroots communities will be built up by 2020, according to the circular.

It called for enhanced efforts to ensure the security of infrastructure networks concerning the supplies of water, electricity, gas and the information communication.

The document also urged use of modern technology such as security video monitoring systems and information networks.

The video monitoring systems in public areas where rural and urban meet and in rural areas will be further strengthened.

A nationwide population information database will be established based on citizens’ identity numbers and such information will be shared. Unified credit record systems will also be set up.

All parties are required to work in a coordinated manner to build the social security network and in accordance with the rule of law, the document said.

The government will encourage the public to join by recruiting more community volunteers and rewards for reporting serious crimes.