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China stresses transparency in government procurement

Updated: Feb 27,2015 6:18 PM

The Regulations for the Implementation of the Government Procurement Law, signed by Premier Li Keqiang, lay out specific guidelines for the authorities, in order to make their purchases more transparent — and more fair and reasonable.

The State Council formulated the Regulations — which will take effect on March 1 - to complement the Government Procurement Law so as to address various issues concerning government purchases, such as low efficiency and low quality.

The Regulations stipulate that the authorities should avoid waste, and they should publish information concerning purchases on media outlets designated by finance departments — under provincial authorities or under the State Council.

Additionally, the designated media outlets should disclose information concerning purchases — including the purchasing authorities and their purchasing agents, suppliers and the products and services they offer.

The Regulations classify government purchases into two groups: purchases to meet the needs of the authorities, and services purchased for the public.

Prior to purchasing public services, the authorities should seek guidance from the public to determine what kind of service is required. When the supplier completes the transaction, the authorities should invite members of the public to assess it — and open the assessment report to public scrutiny.

The authorities, their purchasing agents, suppliers and experts making assessments should be held accountable for dishonest or illegal behavior involving the purchase, according to the Regulations.