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China promotes the development of emergency services sector

Updated: Dec 25,2014 5:53 PM

China will boost the development of the emergency services sector amid a serious and complex public security situation.

The comments were made in a statement released by the State Council on Dec 24.

The emergency services sector — which involves products and services aimed at preventing and managing emergencies — has played a vital role in tackling such incidents in recent years, the statement said.

The country’s efforts to promote the development of the sector will also help to optimize the industrial structure.

And this is also part of China’s efforts to foster the new drivers of new economic growth — so as to invigorate its economy.

China’s emergency services sector is at an early stage, and some key technological products still rely on imports.

It is necessary to speed up its development so that China’s emergency response equipment can be competitive in the global market, the statement said.

The State Council decided that, by 2020:

China’s emergency services sector will witness growth in the expansion of its scale, and an emergency industry system will be basically formed;

China’s ability to research and develop key technologies and equipment related to emergency services will reach an advanced international level — and major equipment will be put into use;

some large enterprises will be established and compete in the global market, while some small- and medium-sized companies will also focus on the emergency services sector;

the conditions for the development of emergency services will be improved, and an innovative mechanism will be established to support emergency management.

According to the statement, the development of emergency services sector will focus on products concerning monitoring and early warning, prevention and protection, management and rescue, as well as services before and after the emergencies.

To achieve these goals, the government will further regulate the standards of the emergency services sector, support its development with preferential policies — concerning taxation, investment and financing — cultivate qualified personnel to meet the requirements of the sector, and create a better environment for the sector’s development by improving laws and regulations.

The State Council decided to establish a coordination mechanism — led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, and Ministry of Science and Technology — to develop the sector and address major issues.  

The statement said all governments and departments are required to prioritize the development of the sector and confirm that policies and measures are implemented.