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China vows rule of law in ethnic affairs

Updated: Dec 22,2014 9:48 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — The central government vowed to instill the rule of law in ethnic affairs.

Regional autonomy law must be implemented; relevant laws and rules concerning ethnic minorities must be revised and improved; and issues in ethnic affairs must be addressed within the boundaries of the law, according to a guideline on ethnic affairs work published by the State Council on Dec 22.

The guideline aims to improve the nation’s work on ethnic affairs, outlining measures such as promoting economic growth, promoting understanding among different ethnic groups, promoting the consciousness of the community of the Chinese nation, and promoting the rule of law.

“China is a country built by all ethnic groups of the nation; the Chinese culture is made up of culture of all the 56 ethnic groups; the Chinese civilization is created by all the ethnic groups; and the Chinese nation is a community of all ethnic groups,” said the guideline.

Civil and criminal problems related with people of minority ethnic groups cannot be classified as ethnic issues and ordinary conflicts in ethnic areas cannot be regarded as ethnic issues, it said.