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Notice on carrying out the new family plan-family development ability building

Updated: Jul 15,2014 11:29 AM

The health and family planning commission in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government; municipalities with independent planning status; Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps; family planning leading group offices at the People’s Liberation Army; the People’s Armed Police; and the family planning commission at departments under the CPC Central Committee and central government departments:

The NHFPC decided to carry out the New Family Plan-Family Development Ability Building to implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and improve family development ability and public well-being.


1. Raise family health care awareness and significantly improve self-care ability and health quality

2. Step up scientific childbearing knowledge popularization with families with infants

3. Significantly raise family’s abilities in elderly people health management, promotion and daily care

4. Carry forward family virtues that propose to respect the elderly and take care of children, build a more harmonious family relationship and optimize the community environment


Carry out two-stage training

1. Arrange for national experts to design a project plan and compile training materials, project implementation guidelines, management, supervision and evaluation plans

2. Provinces (autonomous region and municipality) should make work plans based on individual conditions. Each of them should choose an urban community and a rural community as a national experimental unit. Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the family planning leading group at the People’s Liberation Army, the People’s Armed Police, and family planning commission at departments under the CPC Central Committee and central government departments should each choose two national pilot units.

3. Every pilot project should have 10 workers, including management and project implementation personnel, to attend national training sessions (the training plan and notice will be issued separately).

4. All pilot units should issue training materials and project implementation guidance manuals and arrange pertinent training for families at pilot communities.

Arrange auxiliary activities

Each pilot project should carry out publicity, training and service activities based on training content and project plans, and prepare relevant publicity products for communities and families. All regions can act on circumstances and carry out activities that meet local family needs.

a. Family healthcare activity:

1. Carry out reasonable diet and prevention health education on three major chronic non-communicable diseases (hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia) for major family members in charge of family health

2. Carry out adolescent sexual and reproductive health education and consultation

3. Carry out health education on personal hygiene habits, such as brushing teeth, showers and spitting, for major family members in charge of family health

4. Carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) seminar and training and hand out relevant materials to improve family member’s first aid skills in artificial respiration and heart massage

5. Carry out disaster evacuation and relevant skills training and drills, such as smoke, fire and earthquake, to strengthen family member’s emergency evacuation ability and help them grasp the right escape skills

b. Scientific child-raising activity: 1. Carry out breastfeeding and complementary food seminar, and distribute related information materials to hammer home the importance of breastfeeding and complementary food

2. Strengthen caregivers’ ability in identifying common infant diseases through expert lecture and information materials, and improve general prevention and nursing skills

3. Arrange parent-child reading activities to hammer home the importance of parent-child reading to caregivers

c. Elderly nursing activity: 1. Carry out the elderly lifestyle and daily care activities to popularize threats to their health

2. Carry out early depression screening examination, using depression self-rating scale or other measurements

3. Carry out elderly exercise and rehabilitation counseling activities, so they or their caregivers can choose proper forms of exercise

d. Family culture activity: 1. Carry out lectures on family education, husbands, wives and intergenerational relationships for community residents

2. Carry out special counseling on common problems in family relations

3. Carry out family etiquette training and knowledge contest in the community


Inauguration period (May-December 2014)

Build an expert team and prepare training materials

Establish national pilot projects across the country, carry out two-stage training activities, and offer training and services to families at the pilot community

Comprehensive promotion period (January 2015 - December 2016) Supervise national pilot community activities

Each site should revolve around a project goal and conduct in-depth training and themed service activities. They should carry out medium-term assessment and sum up experiences to promote project development.

Comprehensive deepening period (January 2017 to December 2019)

Promote experience and publicity

All regions should gradually expand the pilot project, training and service content based on their own conditions and carry out project activities across the country.

Summary and evaluation period (January-October 2020)

Conduct comprehensive evaluation and summary

Relevant requirements

Strengthen leadership and team building

All regions should give priority to pilot project work, establish special departments, clarify responsibilities, formulate concrete measures based on project plans, and ensure proper implementation. The project execution office should be set up at the China Population Welfare Foundation and arrange for experts to inspect, supervise and evaluate projects.

Increase funds

The National Health and Family Planning Commission will offer funds for national training and some project activities costs. All regions should increase financial investment and submit development of project implementation and fund use to supervising units to ensure smooth project implementation.

Properly select pilot unit All regions should strictly follow the project requirements and build a strong work foundation with enthusiasm, while taking care of economic and social development, adjusting measures to local conditions and carefully selecting pilot units.

Please carefully fill in the New Family Plan-Family Development Ability Building Application Form (Attachment No 1) and the New Family Plan-Family Development Ability Building Liaison Information Sheet (Attachment No 2) and send them to the project execution office before May 20, 2014.

Contact: Song Hongyun, Wu Xiaobing and Bai Yu

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