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Notice on disease emergency aid work

Updated: Jul 14,2014 11:26 AM

The Health and Family Planning Commissions (Health Bureau) in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government; Health Bureau Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

To implement the Opinion for Setting up Disease Emergency Aid Systems (“Opinion” for short) and the Tentative Management Measure of Disease Emergency Aid, we put forward the following requirements:

Speeding up disease emergency aid system

The administrative departments of health and family planning commissions in provinces should fully realize the importance of setting up disease emergency aid systems and should take measures in light of their local conditions.

(1) Provinces (plus autonomous regions and municipalities) should set up disease emergency aid funds before September 2014 and make clearly define their rules for fund management as well as formulate the detailed measures and rules (and carbon copy to the National Health and Family Planning Commission). The procedures such as aid fund’s applying, review and payment processes should be detailed in order to make sure that policies can be carried out and ensure the funds are effectively paid and used.

(2) The administrative departments of provincial health and family planning commissions should coordinate emergency disease aid with departments of finance, human resources and social security, civil affairs, and public security. These administrative departments should set up general offices to coordinate the daily work.

Actively treat both acutely and seriously injured patients

Medical institutions should improve their relevant systems and procedures according to the emergency aid system. When a patient is unidentified or can’t afford the medical expense, medical institutions will treat the patient in time without any refusal or delay. Institutions and their going against these rules will be punished according to laws and regulations by the health and family planning administrative departments.

Applying for disease emergency aid funds

Medical institutions should appoint departments or staffs in charge of the management of disease emergency aid work, including those who will periodically apply for funds from local institutions. If there are medical expenses generated after the Opinion that released in February 2013, and the expenses are within the payment scope of disease emergency aid fund, medical institutions should apply to the fund for payment before October 2014. If medical institutions have problems in fund application, review or payment, the general office should coordinate with related departments to solve them.

Strengthening the supervision and administration of disease emergency aid

Local health and family planning administrative departments should strengthen the supervision and administration of medical institutions’ disease emergency aid work and guide them to set up relevant work rules in order to treat patients in time. Provincial health and family planning administrative departments should supervise and help the local medical institutions improve their work. The National Health and Family Planning Commission will supervise provincial and local medical institutions’ work in due time.

Provincial health and family planning administrative departments should collect the implementation situations of the disease emergency aid work in their area, and report them to the Bureau of Medical Administration at the NHFPC before December 2014.

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