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Nanning collaborates with Zhongguancun to advance hi-tech industry

Updated: Dec 10,2018 6:46 PM     CGTN

Zhongguancun, known as China’s Silicon Valley, is a famous tech hub in Beijing. Now authorities in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region have collaborated with Zhongguancun to set up its own innovation base in the province’s capital city Nanning.

This is not a theme park. With the size of 18 football pitches, this cluster of retro-style buildings is the new hub for high-tech enterprises. Mifpay is one that has been focusing on the integration of artificial intelligent into public transportation.

“While many of our talents and technologies are from first-tier cities like Beijing and Shenzhen, Nanning actually gives us more space for development. And we hope AI could help create a better recognition system in public transportation, thus improving the flow of passengers,” said Huang Zicheng, chief information officer of Mifpay Network Technology in Guangxi.

Its first-generation product, the bluetooth chip for mobile payment, has now been applied in Nanning’s metro stations. But in the future, you probably don’t even need to take out your phone as it is developing what’s called the body posture recognition system. And the innovation base has attracted plenty of foreign enterprises.

Amrit has been living in China for over a decade. His company has collaborated with a Guangxi startup to create a smart irrigation system for local farmers.

As a latecomer to the high-tech industry, Guangxi is trying hard to catch up.

“We keep track of the companies setting up here from the very first day and follow their growth. And we are also trying to set up programs to introduce more university talent into our companies,” said Ma Zhenguo, industrial service director of Nanning Zhongguancun Information Valley.

As Guangxi plays a critical role in the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as in the China-ASEAN cooperation, this hub acts as a bridge linking enterprises with the international community.