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Young start-ups changing China’s future

Updated: Sep 12,2018 1:49 PM

From famine to an economic powerhouse, from savings accounts to wealth management, China has maintained the fastest growth of any country over the decades. Each day sees many new start-ups, aiming to become the next generation of industry leaders. In today’s special series Beyond the Wall, Han Bin goes to Shenzhen, known as China’s first Special Economic Zone, where he meets two entrepreneurs who share their thoughts on creating wealth.

Shenzhen — China’s model for opening up. Young people arrive here with a dream — in pursuit of wealth. But only those pushing the boundaries get a chance to succeed.

Yao Jie quit his job in IT to become the founder of Greein. He wants to grow the safest vegetables on earth. And he believes fortune needs to go beyond productivity and savings.

Money continues to change hands in China. Zhang Wei had been studying the virtual economy for years before he set up We Ark.

Both Zhang Wei and Yao Jie have dreams to become future industry leaders. They know it will be a long way to go, and they are taking it step by step.

From saving account to wealth management, China’s four decades of reform and opening up have granted the country more power to control wealth. And the personal assets of 1.4 billion people will trigger the next round of growth, and change the world.

The government’s growing openness on financing has liberated the energy of many.

Reforms have opened doors for new concepts and new wealth. Yao Jie says wealth can be a legacy for more meaningful values.

Stories behind the wealth will push further changes for China’s economy in the next round of reform and opening up. At the same time, the changing concept of its people towards wealth will continue to influence the generations to come.