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The rise of virtual reality technology in China

Updated: Dec 9,2017 8:32 PM

Virtual reality is gaining general attention for its relative affordability and fresh experience. VR devices and technologies provide an immersive experience of an entirely convincing rendition of the real world. In fact, some brands and shopping malls are already using VR technology to exhibit goods and enhance consumers’ shopping experience.

The real estate sector is no exception in VR application. VR has been used to show property buyers what their dream homes will be like before they place their orders.

The technology is still at a nascent stage but it is changing China’s film and entertainment industry. In fact, some companies are already making big in offering VR solutions to movie productions.

It won’t become a reliable moneymaker until it hits the mainstream but the fast high-tech development has largely lowered the cost of equipment. Chinese VR companies are gearing up in VR display technology development as well as VR content productions.