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Exciting new technologies at this year’s WIC

Updated: Nov 17,2016 2:46 PM

The third World Internet Conference is being held in the Eastern Chinese town of Wuzhen.

This expo is a highlight of the internet. It has attracted more than 300 internet-related companies from home and abroad.

This is a pair of magic gloves! Believe it or not, it can directly translate sign language. For example, the idea behind these gloves is to help deaf-mute people communicate better with others in their daily lives. The sensors in the gloves send data to a translation software on a mobile device so it can be understood as words or text. This is just a prototype, however. It will be researched further, refined and should be on the market next year.

With just a pair of glasses, you can be anywhere you want. I will land on the moon soon.

This technology is neither VR nor AR. It uses four projectors to display a 3D feeling.

“We call our product iholotheatre. It uses holography technology. The advantage is you just need a pair of glasses to immerse yourself in a virtual environment,” Founder of Black ISLE Zhu Ming said.

“We are targeting groups. More people can join the virtual environment, and people can interact with each other. It can be applied in education, and the game and construction industries.”

Before we hit the road with the autonomous driving car, let’s take a closer look at it. Joining me here is one of the engineers of the autonomous driving unit.

For the first time, China’s very own driverless car is ready for a journey on the open road.

Commercial operations will begin in three years, but on a small scale and only at certain locations.