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State Council’s plan to stimulate income

Updated: Oct 26,2016 3:13 PM     CCTV

The State Council has issued plans to increase people’s income via a broad stimulus program that the government says will benefit some 300 million people.

The plan contains seven categories, including highly-skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, and those who have lost the ability to work.

Analysts say the move would encourage business growth.

“Such as professionals in research and development. They should be able to influence more professionals. And these entrepreneurs could stimulate many small businesses.” From National Development and Research Commission Pu Yufei said.

The NDRC said the stimulus plan aims to help entrepreneurs invest in innovation, and develop businesses with more confidence, and eventually, create more jobs. The stimulus also has different focuses for state firms and private companies. The plan aims to improve the income regime for state firms, while working on property protection, and fair competition for private companies.

Above all, the plan would influence many social groups. Experts say those groups cover most of the working class and disadvantaged minorities. That means that as many as 300 million people will benefit. The experts also say that those not mentioned in the plan, such as school teachers and medical staff, could refer to the stimulus plans for scientific professionals in order to benefit.