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Museum opens with Emperor Qianlong exhibition

Updated: Sep 20,2016 9:19 AM

A new museum in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province in southwest China, officially opened to the public on Sept 15. And kicking off the opening is a special exhibition on Qianlong, emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

A feast for both the eyes and mind, this exhibit showcases hidden treasures and reveals the mystery and secrets of imperial life in the Forbidden City.

Picture yourself dressed in an elaborate costume, being carried around in a sedan chair and surrounded by a bevy of staff.

That’s what life was like for the emperor of China who ruled from 1736 to 1795.

At this special exhibition of Qianlong at Chengdu Museum, you can get a firsthand glimpse into this opulent period of China’s history.

“This golden goblet we’re looking at now has never been shown to the public before, and it really is a delicate and intricate piece of art,” said Zhang Yi, guide, Chengdu Museum.

Emperor Qianlong was a poet, painter and calligrapher, and also a great art connoisseur and collector.

He expanded the imperial art collection inherited from previous dynasties, and combined his passion for collecting with his role as preserver and restorer of the Chinese cultural heritage.

Now this show is bringing the emperor’s precious collection to the city of Chengdu.

“Like Beijing, Chengdu is also a city with rich history and cultural legacy, so with the opening of Chengdu Museum, we hope more can come to appreciate that,” Shan Jixiang, director, Palace Museum.

Apart from various items on display, the museum also features 4D projections and touchscreens where visitors can get a more interactive experience.