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Tibetan dance drama dazzles Beijing

Updated: Sep 7,2016 9:31 AM

The 5th Minorities Art Festival of China is ongoing. The festival tries to give people a first-hand look at China’s rich ethnic diversity. A special dance drama featuring unique Tibetan culture is on.

This dance drama “Daughter of the Sun” was created by the Tibet Song and Dance Troupe.

Two years in the making, the drama consists of four acts, “Millennium Chain”, “Long Night”, “Red Romance” and “Cantabile Years”, and an epilogue “Sing in Tibet”.

The dance piece also integrates blue-mask Tibetan opera, one of the main types in Tibetan opera.

Known as the “living fossil” of ethnic theatrical art, the Tibetan opera is quite popular among Tibetans and has far-reaching influence at home and abroad. The Tibetan opera was listed on UNESCO cultural heritage in 2009.

“Daughter of the Sun is the first original drama of Tibet and through this dance drama we want to show people Tibet’s past and present, also our vision for its future,” said Wu Qindong, director of “Daughter of the Sun”.

Thirty five representatives from across the country will participate in the festival, which began in the 16th of August and runs to the 14th of September.