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Talking about G20: Innovative, invigorated, interconnected, inclusive

Updated: Aug 30,2016 9:49 AM

The leaders gathered in Hangzhou will be concentrating on four key concepts in a bid to further develop the G20 community as well as get the global economy back on track.

This year’s G20 Hangzhou summit has an interesting theme based on four pillars, or in this case, four words that start with the letter “I”.

The first is “innovative”, such as science & technology development. It also refers to concepts like business models, and new ways to stimulate growth in the world economy.

The second “I” is “invigorated”. World leaders will look to revitalize and re-energize markets around the globe at a time of transformation and challenges.

That brings us to the third “I”: “interconnected”. The G20 Leaders Summit is a stage for international economic cooperation. For example: the belt and road initiative to drive Chinese investment. It demonstrates how cooperation can bring new economic vitality.

The fourth “I” is “inclusive”. It refers to the benefits of revitalized economy to be shared by all. “Inclusive” is meant to narrow economic gaps and focusing on interconnected development.

If leaders can come together on all four of these “I”s, then results may just be what you and “I” need.