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Hangzhou ready to host world leaders

Updated: Aug 29,2016 8:42 AM

China has plenty of experience to fall back on when hosting major events such as the G20 Summit. We just have to look at the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. But this is unchartered territory for a city which is just making its name on the international stage really. So how has Hangzhou been getting set?

This year for the first time, China is hosting the G20 Leaders’ summit. All eyes around the world are on the G20 economies, the summit, and the city of Hangzhou. So the question is, is Hangzhou ready?

For the high-profile event, the city has given its urban facilities a facelift. Take this residence in Sixingfang for example. Built in the 1920s, the neighborhood was Hangzhou’s first ever real estate project for sale in modern times. And it’s hard to believe the amount of work that’s gone into its transformation.

Since November 2015, 57 illegal structures and 132 broken canopies and chimneys here have been demolished. More than 10 million yuan has been invested in upgrading 10,000 square meters.

This is just one of 651 infrastructure renovation projects in Hangzhou, covering environmental treatment, hotels for state guests, and airport expressways. But hardware improvements alone are far from enough.

The city of 7 million permanent residents has mobilized more than 760,000 volunteers. That’s nearly 1/10th of the population. Many senior citizens conduct regular street security patrols. And they are busy learning simple English phrases.

The accent may be Chinese, but it’s this kind of spirit that will help make the summit a success.