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China leads in container throughput

Updated: Jul 14,2016 10:39 AM

China will continue to take the lead in container throughput this year, signifying that its economy is still robust. That’s the word from China’s top think tank, the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“China owns 10 out of 20 of the world’s major sea ports that handle overseas shipping. And we are seeing a larger container throughput in 2016. So, the Chinese economy is still growing at a relatively fast speed,” said Wang Shouyang, director of Center for Forecasting Science, CAS.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences says global demand for Chinese products has shown signs of recovery and it expects Chinese container shipping to continue to grow in 2016 but at a slower speed.

The Shanghai port’s container throughput will hit an estimated 37 million tons this year. That’s up 1.2 percent from 2015. However, the academy also warns that special attention should be given to some domestic ports that are showing signs of overcapacity.