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Ethnic groups of southwestern China celebrate Lantern Festival

Updated: Feb 20,2016 2:13 PM

If you’re one of the Gelao people in Guizhou province, the Lantern Festival comes to your doorstep. From the 1st to 15th of the first lunar month, folk artists stop by with various lanterns and sing, and householders respond with gifts of money and liquor to ensure good luck for the coming year.

And the Miao ethnic people - also in Guizhou - don traditional costumes and exquisite jewelry, and gather in a square, to sing, dance, and play traditional instruments.

Of course, photographers are out in strength to document the event.

Meanwhile, as the landscape around Yuxi, in Yunnan province, comes into bloom with rapeseed flowers, people of the Yi ethnic group dance through the golden fields in a festival they call “Kaixinjie”. It coincides with the city’s Rapeseed Flower Tourism Festival.