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Research exhibition of abstract art in China

Updated: Jan 27,2016 3:03 PM

China is something of a newcomer to the field of abstract art, but a new exhibition at the Today Art Museum in Beijing is embracing the work of 16 representative artists. It represents an effort to promote academic research in the field.

More than 80 works are on display here, all created in the past 10 years.

Although abstract art is an imported idea from the West, its embrace here in China over the past 30 years has been driven by a determined group of overseas-returned Chinese, along with domestic artists. Their impact has already been felt in the wider arena of Chinese contemporary art.

“For this exhibition, we’ve had five experts on the curatorial panel. All of them are very professional and fully experienced, whether from a curatorial aspect or through their theory studies of abstract art,” said Tan Ping, vice president of the Chinese National Academy of Arts.

“This show offers an assessment of how abstract art emerged in the country, and its aesthetic value. It provides us with vivid examples of artists’ individual perspectives and approaches, mastery of line and color, and questions of action, thought, and psychology,” said Huang Du, Curatorial Panel.

Experts hope the exhibition will enhance the level of recognition and appreciation of abstract art by the general public, and provide a forum for international communication.

“For example, some mathematicians are working on something great, but we don’t understand what they’re doing. But they’ve built up a comprehensive numerical system that is so crucial for the development of the whole industry,” said Zhu Qingsheng, Curatorial Panel.

The Research Exhibition of Abstract Art in China runs until March 13.